Firefox will no longer be a supported browser –

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Browser / Version: Firefox 102.0
Operating System: Linux
Tested Another Browser: Yes Chrome

Problem type: Something else
Description: "image alt text Firefox user alert—After August 1, you must use Chrome, Edge or Safari to access MBNA online banking. Sorry!"
Steps to Reproduce:
Site is threatening to end access via Firefox on August 1 ...for reasons?

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Browser Configuration
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We appreciate your report. For this issue, unfortunately, a special account is needed to sign in.

Test account creation requires valid data that we do not have access to (banking site).

But based on the screenshot provided, I will move this issue to needsdiagnosis, as maybe we can reach out to the page and ask why Firefox will no longer be supported.




Let's try to investigate why the site is going to block Firefox and possibly ship an override.