What are the best books or resources on SRE automation that are also practical?

Hacker News - Fri Aug 5 09:50

I’m bought in on the need for automation in SRE, now how do I do it? An SRE team I’m on is making a big push to automate, and I want to make sure we do this right. I also don’t need theoretical SRE books right now, I need some books or resources with case studies of things automated and ideally some code to boot. I’m looking mostly for the “HOW”, but I’m also interested in books to help think about “WHO/WHAT/WHERE/WHEN.” I’m _not_ interested in books that delve deeply into the WHY for either SRE or automation. I’m looking for resources practical applications, ideally with pitfalls to avoid, on how to build a world class DevOps organization and automate the right things on my team. I’m thinking API construction, design patterns to Use/Avoid, fully autonomous systems vs self-service tooling, and SLI construction and measurements. Sorry, this is a lot, but I might be helping to lead this team so I have a lot of questions on the implementation of this (not to mention how to steer office politics) and I’m feeling a bit out of my depth. Any advice on good resources to pursue is most appreciated!!!