Ask HN: Where to find people who love to learn?

Hacker News - Fri Aug 5 12:14

You mean -- where to find experts that can tolerate newbie asking off-base questions and showing off their bottle half full? If you just find people with "a deep love of learning", you guys end up just bouncing shallow questions and answers off each other, right? I am not saying that is not fun, but I am not sure that is really "a deep love of learning".

From an expert point of view, where is motivation of tolerating adult "curiosities"? I can easily tolerate a 5-year old who genuinely curious and assumes no base of understanding, which I can enjoy building my explanations from ground up. You get the satisfaction of filling an empty cup and and occasionally, the naive 5-year-old may seriously challenge your fundamental understanding and you yourself learn something. Not all 5-year-olds are like that, and extremely rare to find such adults.

I think the people you are looking for, with "a deep love of learning", is every where. For example, who love reading popular books on subjects that they are not familiar. That is why there are so many popular non-fiction books. But, are you sure that you are actually seeking each other out?

IMO, if you are truly with "a deep love of learning", study text books and take MIT open courses, and then read scientific papers. Then you will find those experts -- they are always listed in the references with contact associations.