CACM special issue on Lisp (1991)

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From under the rubble: computing and the resuscitation of Romania

How does an entire country return to life?

The dictatorship of Nicolae and Elena Ceaucescu turned Romania into a political, social and economic wasteland that was vividly pictured in the world media after the overthrow of the … Seymour E. Goodman
Pages 19-22

How the Nintendo generation learns

Recently, I was chatting with my son, Daniel (age 7) about Nintendo. I asked him if he could bring it in to school for show and tell and he was horrified! “No,” he exclaimed, “that's not for learning.” Well, what


dear reader … Elliot Soloway
Pages 23-ff.

LISP: introduction

John Foderaro
Page 27

CLOS: integrating object-oriented and functional programming

Lisp has a long history as a functional language,


where action is invoked by calling a procedure, and where procedural abstraction and encapsulation provide convenient modularity boundaries. A number of attempts have been made … Richard P. Gabriel, Jon L. White, Daniel G. Bobrow
Pages 29-38

The philosophy of Lisp

We consider here the importance of an overall systems viewpoint in avoiding computer-related risks. According to Webster's, a system is a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole. In computer … Kenneth H. Sinclair, David A. Moon
Pages 40-47

The Metal system

Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems has created a machine translation system called Metal that supports the following language pairs: German-English; English-German; German-Spanish; French-Dutch; Dutch-French. (Work on other  … Oliver Gajek
Pages 46-47

Lisp systems in the 1990s

D. Kevin Layer, Chris Richardson
Pages 48-57

CLIM: the Common Lisp interface manager

The essence of an application is a set of objects and a set of operations on those objects. The essence of the behavior of an application's user interface is similar to Lisp's


loop: the user specifies what he  … Scott McKay
Pages 58-59

LispView: leverage through integration

Although Lisp was the host for many of the first graphical user interface (GUI) packages, popular activity in this area has shifted to more primitive but widely used languages such as C and C++. One explanation for this shift … Hans Muller
Pages 59-61

Delivering the goods with Lisp

Lisp has long had a reputation for the efficacy of its development environment. It is used in academia and by some R&D groups in industry; and, compared with conventional languages, it is hardly ever used in real applications … Richard Barber, George Imlah
Pages 61-63

Real-time programming in Common Lisp

James R. Allard, Lowell B. Hawkinson
Pages 64-69

Biosphere 2 nerve system

Biosphere 2 (Earth being Biosphere 1) is an experiment in closed system ecology. It is a steel and glass structure about the size of three football fields and has a volume of more than three million cubic feet. The purpose of … Rocky L. Stewart
Pages 69-71

On building systems that will fail

Fernando J. Corbató
Pages 72-81

An interview with Fernando Jose Corbató

Karen A. Frenkel
Pages 82-90

The not-so-accidental holist

Peter G. Neumann
Page 122