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Beneath the blue: dive into a dazzling ocean under threat – interactive

The Guardian - Tue Feb 23 07:55

Read more from Guardian Seascape on what can be done about the threats facing the ocean: • " Ghost gear" and right whales
Deep sea mining

With thanks to Dr Alan Jamieson of Newcastle University.

Composite artwork created by the Guardian. Credits as follows:

• Header: AFP/Getty Images.
• Abandoned fishing gear: DigitalLife3D, CC attribution; Alamy Stock Photo; Getty Images/iStockphoto.
• Reefs: AFP photo/Victoria University-Danielle Claar/Kevin Bruce; Jeff Hunter, Getty Images; Alamy; Kevin Lino, AP; Lucas Jackson, Reuters.
• Microplastics: AP.
• Noise pollution: Neurodolphin, CC attribution; Wildestanimal, Getty Images; Credit: Zureks, CC attribution; Getty images.
• Oil dispersant: Guardian.
• POPs: Photo cut-out of Eurythenes plasticus for POPs section collage provided by WWF/JAMIESON/BBDO.
• Deep sea mining: Patania II press handout; Koelle, licensed under the GFDL by the author.