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35 Funny Tweets About TikTok From Parents

Huffington Post - Wed Apr 7 09:45

It’s been a year since TikTok got a huge surge in users as we all sought new outlets for entertainment and inspiration in lockdown ... which means it’s also been a year since many parents learned just how un-hip they are.

The funny moms and dads of Twitter always share hilarious takes on all things parenting, and that includes raising kids in the age of TikTok. Below, we’ve rounded up 35 funny tweets about the platform from parents, who are definitely not its target demographic.

New marriage vows should include: I will laugh with you, and not at you. Unless you try to make a Tiktok video with the kids.

— Sweet Momissa (@sweetmomissa) July 16, 2020

You might remember me from such TikTok videos as Mom vacuuming in the background or Mom unknowingly walks in front of camera.

— Jessie (@mommajessiec) May 20, 2020

My college kids are home for the holidays and I am so emotional.

I don’t know any of these TikTok dances.

— Lady Lawya (@Parkerlawyer) November 23, 2020

Alright fine, I’ll bite: who is TikTok?

— Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) April 10, 2020

I'm not saying I'm old but my daughter asked me if I had TikTok & I showed her my watch

— joe heenan (@joeheenan) January 21, 2020

My family wonders why I am in the bathroom for so long but learning these Tik Tok dances takes time.

— Simon Holland (@simoncholland) February 17, 2020

Of course my kids don’t pay attention to me. I’m not a 30 second TikTok video that makes absolutely no sense.

— Jessie (@mommajessiec) December 4, 2020

No matter how dire things get, more TikTok videos is not the answer.

— mark (@TheCatWhisprer) March 22, 2020

My 10yo saw me showing my husband some tweets with funny TikTok videos and said “Why are you watching TikTok videos?” in a panicked voice and you guys I think I just ruined TikTok for her, MUAHAHAHA

— SpacedMom (@copymama) March 1, 2020

Homeschooling Tip: if you count Tiktok in their rooms as kids music, dance and PE classes you might get a few hours alone in peace.

— Sweet Momissa (@sweetmomissa) April 17, 2020

My teen thinks all my music from the 90s sucks...until she hears it on some stupid Tik Tok. Then it’s awesome.

— Rachel Sobel (@whinecheezits) March 26, 2021

Today I Googled, "how do you do a tiktok"

Guess my age.

— Black Ashley (@ashleysimpo) February 18, 2021

9-year-old: So I guess someone on Tik Tok went to space because they were showing what happens when you cry and...

What in the world is going on over there?!?

— Andrew Knott (@aknott21) January 30, 2021

Could multiplication facts become popular on Tik Tok, that would be super helpful with homeschooling.

— Marl (@Marlebean) August 24, 2020

I’m bored, but not figure-out-what-tiktok-is-bored.

— Jessie (@mommajessiec) April 10, 2020

TikTok When I’m Scrolling Alone: Ok today we’re gonna show you how to make the best steak


— jon drake (@DrakeGatsby) January 11, 2021

🎶 I could have missed the pain, but I'd of had to miss the dance 🎶

-me after pulling a hammy trying to do a Tiktok with my kids

— Sweet Momissa (@sweetmomissa) May 22, 2020

I’ve got unfolded laundry in a basket older than anybody on TikTok.

— mark (@TheCatWhisprer) March 4, 2020

I said lit and squad in front of my 8th grader and her friends and now they want to know what Tik Tok dances I know.

— Simon Holland (@simoncholland) October 15, 2019

Is there a cleaning Tik Tok influencer my kids could follow? Can they copy an unload the dishwasher dance or a putting the clothes in the hamper move?

— Jessica Watson (@JessBWatson) August 18, 2020

Them: I taught my kids French during the quarantine

Me: I taught my 4 year old TikTok

— Mom On The Rocks (@mom_ontherocks) March 25, 2020

Say what you want about TikTok. Last night, my son was in his room singing "It's Tricky" and my daughter was in hers singing "I Will Survive" and I was so happy.

— Sweet Momissa (@sweetmomissa) December 4, 2019

If my kids don’t stop misbehaving so help me god I’ll start a TikTok account.

— Jessie (@mommajessiec) January 7, 2021

Autocorrect just changed “TikTok” to “No. You’re 40.” and then powered down my phone.

— mark (@TheCatWhisprer) November 9, 2019

Toddler: I want to be a dinosaur when I grow up

Me, has no idea what TikTok, yeet, or boujee means: Buddy, eventually we’re ALL dinosaurs

— Richard Dean (@dad_on_my_feet) March 3, 2020

The longer I’m in isolation quarantine waiting on test results the more frustrated I am that my husband got our bedroom and I’m in my 16 yr old son’s bedroom with his weird TikTok lights and crappy tv. And while it is clean, it still faintly smells like Doritos.

— Lady Lawya (@Parkerlawyer) July 25, 2020

My children and I love each other but not coordinate-a-dance-for-TikTok love each other.

— Jessie (@mommajessiec) May 29, 2020

*husband walks in on me filming a tik tok

Him: who are you talking to?!??
Me: to...to ghosts

— lilswizzy (@MotherPlaylist) January 14, 2021

Me: "We are documenting history. Our photographs and writing could be looked back on to show what our world was like in this moment. Write something for the people of the future to read..."
20 min later.
My teenager: "Tik Tok. Tiger King. Grounded."

— Scary Mommy (@ScaryMommy) April 6, 2020

Gonna get tiktok and just post videos of me, Dad™️, supporting you

— Kwame “Preorder LAST GATE OF THE EMPEROR” Mbalia (@KSekouM) March 4, 2021

The kids all made me homemade cards for Mother's Day. In their defense, I don't think there were many cards that say "you've done great with the Rona" and "I love your corny Tiktok dances."

— Sweet Momissa (@sweetmomissa) May 10, 2020

The tik tok thing where the kids play Li’l Kim’s “Crush on You” and change their makeup?

*That’s* the kind of Gen Z flex I go up for.

— stacia l. brown (@slb79) May 3, 2020

My 11-year-old wants a TikTok and says all his friends have accounts, so my question is: Should I move us to a cottage deep in the woods or to a yurt on a remote mountaintop?

— andi zeisler (@andizeisler) September 22, 2019

I just downloaded tik tok so I could know what my kids are doing. I feel so old.

— Ilana Wiles (@mommyshorts) September 1, 2019

Wow, your dad is amazing at Tik Tok dances!

-My 8th grade daughter’s friends once the quarantine is finally over.

— Simon Holland (@simoncholland) March 22, 2020