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Teen Vogue names Danielle Kwateng as new executive editor

The Guardian - Wed Apr 7 19:42

Teen Vogue has named a new executive editor, less than a month after the embattled magazine parted ways with its former editor, Alexi McCammond, who was found to have used anti-Asian slurs on social media.

Danielle Kwateng introduced herself as the new executive editor of Teen Vogue in a post on the company’s website on Wednesday, writing that the magazine “plan[s] to evolve with our readers, because we can’t be the young person’s guide to saving the world without you”.

Kwateng has worked at Teen Vogue for two years, as the magazine’s entertainment and culture director.

McCammond was announced as the new editor of Teen Vogue in early March, but left three weeks later after staff complained about her racist tweets.

In 2011 McCammond had tweeted about her “stupid Asian” teaching assistant, and posted that she was “googling how to not wake up with swollen, asian eyes”.

McCammond, a former reporter at Politico, had apologized for the tweets in 2019, calling them “deeply insensitive”, but left after Teen Vogue staff sent a letter to the magazine’s publisher, Condé Nast, protesting her appointment.

After McCammond’s departure it emerged that one of the people who criticized her appointment, Christine Davitt, had herself used racial slurs online.

Newsweek reported that Davitt, in 2009, had twice used the N-word on Twitter to refer to an apparent friend.

Davitt, a senior social media manager at Teen Vogue, also posted: “I love the contradictory nature of the phrase ‘white [N-word]’,” according to screenshots of her Twitter feed.