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Flow Club (YC S21) Is Hiring

Hacker News - Wed Apr 7 21:00

About Flow Club

Flow Club is Peloton for your brain. Everyday, the world's top founders, builders and operators join Flow Club's facilitator-led, structured co-working sessions to get away from distractions and dive deeply into the work they get to do. We're building the software that powers the most productive work environment for knowledge workers, backed by Y Combinator and Paul Graham.

About the role

Skills: Python, React, SCSS, TypeScript, Node.js

It’s never been easier to be connected. Collaboration happens seamlessly. Yet it doesn’t feel like we’re progressing to achieving and leading more fulfilled lives. Instead, we feel constantly anxious, stressed, and on the verge of burning out. Why?

When was the last time you felt completely engrossed in a task? Last time you felt good having accomplished something challenging? Last time you felt like you’ve given your best for the day and content to stop working in order to be more present in life?

The office was great for collaborating, but it was never a reliable place to get deep, satisfying work done. Our home office is even worse, and far more isolating. Digital tools like email, Slack, and Zoom are like the office, great for collaborating, but also suck us in, preventing us from truly engaging with our work.

What if we can create an oasis for deep work that you can access anytime anywhere? Imagine the human potential we can unleash.

Flow Club is creating a world where anyone can access deep, focused flow anytime, anywhere, and we are searching for the best to join our founding team. We’re growing quickly and backed by investors like Paul Graham to intentionally design a future work environment that is better for the 1B+ knowledge workers everywhere.

We’re looking for a full stack engineer excited by the prospect of building the software that powers the most productive work environment for knowledge workers.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Take products from user problems to concept to design to specification to deployment, working closely with the founders.
  • Be comfortable making tradeoffs— think 80/20 rule, but know that that doesn’t always mean trading code quality and maintainability for moving fast. Yes, premature optimization is the root of all evil 97% of the time, but knowing what comprises that 3% that’s going to cost us more time down the road if we don’t invest now is crucial.
  • Write and debug code up and down the stack from React components and SCSS to debugging oauth issues and optimizing database indices to digging into video/audio codecs

We’re looking for

  • High levels of self-awareness, empathy, and a strong work ethic.
  • Deep curiosity, relentless resourcefulness, and a growth mindset.
  • Good at ruthless prioritization, organization, fast thinking, and confident execution.
  • Comfort with semi-technical tasks and willingness to learn what you don’t know.
  • Engaged in big picture thinking but values day-to-day execution.
  • Experience with React and Python/Typescript are not requirements, but are definitely a plus


React, Node, Python