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Rangers’ Glen Kamara reveals he is receiving racist abuse every day

The Guardian - Thu Apr 8 07:45

Glen Kamara has described facing a barrage of racist abuse on social media since his clash with the Slavia Plague defender Ondrej Kudela during last month’s Europa League match at Ibrox.

The Rangers midfielder said he has received the abuse “every day, easily” since the incident, in which he accused Kudela of racism. Kudela faces a minimum 10-game ban if found guilty by Uefa. Kamara is also being investigated by European football’s governing body having been accused of assault in an incident after the final whistle.

Kamara told ITV News: “I haven’t paid much attention to what he [Kudela] has done after this whole incident, but I’ve seen their fans, how they’ve reacted, and I’ll get [racist] abuse probably every day on my Instagram.

“Every day, easily – I’m not the one that gets really affected by it, so I’m all right. But how the team has reacted and taken it, it’s sad to be honest. I feel like I need to tell my story – the online messages I’ve been getting, the racial abuse online: Instagram, Twitter, everywhere else. I feel like as the victim, it needs to be said.”

Kudela has been handed a one-match ban by Uefa after effectively admitting a lesser charge of insulting Kamara, which is issued “without prejudice” to any ruling the body may make on the racism allegations, denied by Kudela.

Kamara said the alleged abuse he received made him feel like a “little boy” and that he would not hesitate to walk off the pitch if it happened again.

“I had so many different emotions and felt like a victim – I just felt like a little boy; it was a very weird feeling,” he said. “If I could go back to the time of the game, I’d walk off the pitch, 100%. My manager [Steven Gerrard] was actually trying to get me off the pitch, but I was on my own ... I couldn’t hear anybody.

“It’s an everyday life thing. I don’t know if in our lifetime we will see it change, but if I can make a change in some way, I’ll do it.”