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Zig Playground

lobste.rs - Sun Apr 11 20:36

This is a rudimentary online compiler for the Zig programming language. It is inspired by the Go playground.


The main server is a Go binary that serves up a single HTML page that allows you to enter your Zig code and then run it. To run it yourself, you will need a Go tool chain which can be installed via brew on a Mac. If you wish to run it locally, you must compile it for your GOOS and GOARCH but I have included a small shell script to make a Linux binary that Docker can use as well. You should also have Zig installed and accessible from within your $PATH on the host.


In theory this could be run anywhere that a Docker container can execute. Google's Cloud Run may be a cheap option considering their generous free tier.


What can this playground do?

It is currently set up to simply run a single Zig source file. (i.e. zig run source.zig)

Are there any timeouts?

If your code doesn't build within 10 seconds, the server will quit your request.

Why does the page look so bad?

I'm clearly more of a server-side programmer. Any styling changes are very much appreciated!

Why am I getting rate-limited?

You're allowed five compilations per minute which I think is fairly generous.

Is it secure?

Go read the source. I do not collect logs of any kind and am not interested in your data. Unless it is causing issues to the service.

Will this always be available?

To the best of my ability, I will try and keep this online. I may even buy a domain for it.


Feel free to email me at my listed address with any other questions or comments.