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Appalling insecurity for elderly care home residents | Letter

The Guardian - Mon Apr 12 16:44

“Boutique” charitable care homes sound exciting (UK’s care homes tap into ‘boutique vibe’ to fill empty beds, 5 April) but sadly, in my own constituency in north London, the imminent closure of the Mary Feilding Guild highlights the appalling insecurity that still exists in provision for the elderly.

Sixteen residents between the ages of 85 and 104 are being kicked out of their homes, and have been given until the end of May to find somewhere else to live. In an ongoing pandemic, when vulnerable residents haven’t left the premises in over a year, it’s disgraceful that they can be treated in this way.

Alongside specialist provision must come better safeguards and protections so that elderly residents have the security of knowing that the home they love and feel safe in can’t be ripped away so easily.
Catherine West MP
Labour, Hornsey and Wood Green