No Place to Hide – U.K. campaign against end-to-encryption encryption

Hacker News - Tue Jan 18 13:47


Social media has many benefits and is an important part of life for many people. End-to-end encryption is valuable technology designed to keep our data and conversations safe. We are not opposed to end-to-encryption in principle and fully support the importance of strong user privacy. Instead, our campaign is calling for social media companies to work with us to find a solution that protects privacy, without putting children at even greater risk.

Child sex abusers use social media platforms to exploit children and share images and videos of children being abused with other offenders.

Right now, some social media companies can detect child sexual abuse material being shared on their platforms and report it to law enforcement. This plays an important part in stopping child sex abusers, and these companies deserve to be praised for this.

But some are planning to introduce end-to-end-encryption, which scrambles messages so that only the sender and receiver can see what is being shared.

This means they will no longer be able to detect child sexual abuse on their platforms and therefore won’t be able to report it.

If these plans go ahead an estimated 14 million reports of suspected child sexual abuse online could be lost each year. This could have a catastrophic impact on child safety.