Ask HN: Does anybody still use bookmarking services?

Hacker News - Thu Jun 23 12:40

I use and love Pinboard, plus the Instapaper-like read-it-later integration Paperback ( set as my home page in my mobile browser. It’s a great combo.

Pinboard is still quite active. If you need proof just go to /recent which is a live firehose and interesting to see what people are bookmarking. I use Pinboard and regularly export my bookmarks incase their servers are hacked/wiped/corrupted.

Yes, but in combination with highlights and annotation (I use is a similar offering, although I haven't used it myself.

I haven't thought about it in years... but is Delicious still a thing? I would think (hope?) there would be an open source, PHP-based project I could throw onto commodity hosting to collect and manage bookmarks. If this doesn't exist it should -- and I wonder how hard it would be to also integrate saving/sharing tab-sets as well.